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Today, I was trying to remember the date of my friends birthday. Since she’s living the US, she was not listed on my phone contacts. Using my phone, I accessed my Google calendar. In just a few minutes, I was able to get her birth date and her e-mail address.

A couple of days ago, I was in a car with my cousin. We were just cruising around and out the blue, we ended up in Subic. It’s his first time to drive around Subic and we don’t really know where to go. We parked the car in a gasoline station that offers free WI-Fi, and start searching Google maps with his net book. We discovered that there is a mini stop just around the corner and a McDonalds at the end of the street.

Four years ago, I can’t imagine myself doing what I’m doing now with the Internet. Today, most of my files are safely stored in Google docs, and my pictures are easily accessible with Picasa. I don’t have to worry about my system crashing anymore because I know that my files are safely protected in a server somewhere.

With all these developments from Google in such a short period of time, it really makes you wonder – does Google have plans to invade the world? Bwahahaha

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