Imprisoned Journalist Tweets from Captor’s Cellphone

A Japanese war journalist imprisoned somewhere in Afghanistan was able to trick his captor into using twitter to tweet about his condition and location to his followers.

Kosuke Tsuneoka has been in captivity for five months when a low-ranking terrorist soldier decided to show off his new mobile phone, a Nokia N70, to Tsuneoka.

The soldier didn’t know how to activate his mobile internet connection so he asked the prisoner to help him. Tsuneoka activated the Internet service on the phone by calling a support line and showed his captors how to read news from Al-Jazeera on the device. He also told his captor to check out tweeter because he might find it useful for finding other journalists.

While Tsuneoka was teaching the terrorist how to use twitter, he managed to sneak two twitter updates [first regarding his condition, and second about his location.]

Kosuke Tsuneoka, a 41-year-old freelance journalist, who has been in Afghanistan since mid-March, went missing in the northern city of Kunduz near the border with Tajikistan.

[via: PC World]

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