The Fake Noynoy Aquino on Twitter

If you are on twitter, I’m sure many of you now know about fake accounts that plagues the social networking giant. From celebrity posers (@MissLindsayL), ridiculously funny fake movie and cartoon fictional characters (@HarryJPotterr, @Lord_Voldemort7@PeterGriffinn, @God_Damn_Batman), and last but not the least, politicians and business people (@ceoSteveJobs, @thedearleader, @m_ahmadinejad).

While I was surfing the twitter world a few days ago, I stumble upon a twitter account that bears the picture of the President of the Philippines. When I opened the twitter account, the bio reads: "I am the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Follow me, and I shall tell you where Gloria Arroyo hid the good candies. (fiction)."


So just like a normal curious twitizen, I decided to follow the account.

When I followed the parody account a month ago, it only has 250+ followers. But now, it has 1500+ followers. No surprise there.

Here are the sample tweets that you might find interesting.




So, if you like to have a good laugh, just follow the guy. You won’t regret it.

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