What You Must Know Before Upgrading Your PC

What You Must Know Before Upgrading Your PCUsers can upgrade almost every PC in one way or another. As long as your computer meets your current needs, do not become obsessed with upgrading. However, by improving your computer’s performance, you will very likely improve your own productivity. In the past, users had to determine when they could afford to upgrade their computer. In the future, you will need to decided when you can no longer afford not to upgrade.

Before you start upgrading your computer, make sure that you understand the following key concepts:

  • In the simplest sense, upgrading your PC is simply the process of using new hardware and software to get the most from your existing PC.
  • Users often upgrade PCs to add new capabilities or to improve their system’s performance. If you plan to add new hardware to improve your system performance, first identify bottlenecks within your computer.
  • With the cost of computer hardware constantly decreasing, there maybe be times when it is more cost effective to invest in a new system than to upgrade an older system. When you plan to invest more than $300 on a hardware upgrade, consider buying a new PC instead.
  • Before you perform a hardware upgrade, make sure that you have a will-lit work space, a tool kit, and containers to hold screws you might remove from your system.
  • PC manufacturers expect you to add new hardware boards to your system.
  • Having the correct tools can simplify the most PC upgrade operations. Before you perform an upgrade, purchase a tool set from your computer retailer.
  • If your computer is not currently plugged into a surge suppresser, make the installation and use a surge suppresser your first computer upgrade.
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