HTC One X review

HTC is back with the One X, which combines the best of technology – a mean piece of hardware – with the best software around, offering an awesome experience for the user.

HTC One X review

In the past couple of years, Samsung has managed to outshine HTC with an array of superb models handsets. But the Taiwanese company has hit back. While the world is still waiting for the next flagship Galaxy phone, HTC has launched its One X, one of the first smartphones powered by a quad-core processor.

HTC One X review

Naturally, there was excitement at getting our hands on a quad-core chip. We soon realized that there were a lot of other things in the device that wowed us. The 4.7-inch display beautiful, sharp, crisp and bright – it is undoubtedly the best 720x1080 pixels display. Surprisingly, even with such a big display the phone wasn’t uncomfortable to hold. there are three physical touch keys – back, home and multitasking – below the display that makes it easy to use.

To test the 1.5 GHz quad-core processor we had to use the smartphone to its optimum and even run a few benchmark tests. The device scored decently well on most of the tests and using heavy graphic applications or switching between applications were smooth. The best use of the quad-core chip came while operating the 8 MP auto-focus camera where it quickly managed to capture a shot and was ready for the next one. Pressing the camera key down for 15 seconds made the phone click 50 images, the shutter sounding like a machine gun. This makes the camera perfect for capturing children or fast moving objects. Full HD videos too did not break the rhythm of this mean device. We didn’t notice much lag at all.

Then there is Beats Audio to ensure a good music experience.

While Google services and basic apps are usually a part of Android smartphone, the HTC One X has a lot of many pre-loaded apps. One X uses free access to 25GB storage on Dropbox for two years where they can backup all their data including music, images and documentation. Nothing new, but still a good value add-on.

With the heavy usage and the juice guzzling processor, we were worried that the battery would die before the end of the day. But still the battery lasted a few hours beyond the day on a full charge.

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