Awesome Apps For Dropbox

1. Dropbox

dropbox appDropbox in a free alternative to Apple’s MobileMe. The app synchronizes all your files from your Dropbox account to your PC, Mac, Linux, laptop and smartphone. In order to use the program correctly, you need to sign up for a free DropBox account. After you sign up, you will have a free 2GB storage space that can be accessed through website or an app. You will be able to share files to your friends (Documents, Pictures, Video Clips, and more). You can also set up a public folder that can be accessed by anyone with a link.

Dropbox iPhone app is not dependent on a constant internet connection. After synchronization, all files can be accessed even if you are offline. The free Standard Account had 2GB of memory, if the space is not sufficient for your needs, you can upgrade your account for additional storage space for an additional fee.

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2. DropVox

dropvox icon appDropVox is an audio memo app that is integrated with DropBox. This iPhone apps is suitable for recordings, dictation and other voice memos. After you’re done recording an audio, it will be compressed by DropVox, it will instantly save it as .M4a file and automatically send it to your DropBox account.

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3. BoxyTunes

boxytunes icon appBoxyTunes is an extension for your DropBox account. this is a cloud-music player that lets you play music files that are stored in your DropBox account. This app is awesome specially if your iPhone is running out of storage space. The app is simple but ingenious: The app connects to your personal DropBox account and allows the download of individual music file or even entire music folder.

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4. GoodReader

GoodreaderThis PDF viewer is suitable for displaying large PDF files on your iPhone. Compared to other readers that loads every single PDF page, this app loads pages on demand. This feature will allow you to view large PDF files on your iPhone without hogging your bandwidth or slowing down your mobile device.

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5. ReaddleDocs

boxytunes icon appThis primary purpose of this app is to deal with large PDFs, and other email attachments. This app also supports popular document formats (PDFs, MS Office, iWork), and it won’t freeze your iPhone if you are viewing large files.

Download | ReaddleDocs

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