Les Café du Marc Bistro

Right in the middle of the bustling city of Dagupan is Les Café du Marc Bistro. A rustic two-storey restaurant frequented by office workers, students, and wandering travelers.

On the restaurants’ wall are paintings created by Dagupan’s very own local artists. Most of the paintings are for sale so you can take them home if you want one.

Considering the price, the food is quite good. Their menu includes pasta, rice meals, and exotic foods from other Asian countries.

Beef Rendang
Beef Rendang

I ordered the seafood chowder (PHP55.00), and their version of Beef Rendang (PHP155.00).

Café du Marc’s seafood chowder is good, and its very light. The clams and scallops are fresh and they settle right in the bottom of your soup-bowl. It’s a bit spicy, but its nothing you can’t handle.

A traditional Indonesian delicacy, rendang is prepared by slowly cooking the beef in coconut milk until the liquid is almost gone. When the beef is tender, it is complimented by various spices. Spices includes, ginger, lemon grass, and turmeric. In café du marc’s version of rendang, they’ve included familiar vegetables like celery and carrots.

The whole dining experience is comfortable, and the staff are very accommodating.

When you visit Café du Marc, be adventurous. Try their Lengua Juliana which I heard is quite popular.

Cheat Sheet:

Location: Dagupan
Bring: PHP 350
Connectivity: Free Wi-fi
Smoking Area: No
Alcohol: Yes

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