Why Do Social Networks Die?

Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster will eventually die out and decay from the face of the vast world of the interweb.

There are some good reason to support this, but mostly – people just aren’t going to give a damn what you, your girlfriend, your dog, or your buddies did last weekend for that much longer. Seriously, people will eventually stop caring about your constant stream of day-to-day play-by-play.

With the recent controversial security and privacy blunders of Facebook, people are starting to have second thoughts whether if its still worth it to upload pictures and update their statuses.

My friends on Facebook for example, are active users before, they used to upload pictures and update their statuses relentlessly. Now, it seems like most of their accounts are dead - some of them anyway. I guess they just grew tired of doing the same thing everyday, or maybe its because of the overwhelming personal information that is being exchanged online that turned them off.

If social networking sites doesn’t come up with something mind blowing in a year or two, they won’t have a choice but to pack up their things, grab a shovel, and dig their graves.

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