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Yes, twitter has become the best micro-blogging platform on the web. While some people prefer updating their twitter status using the twitter web interface, other users rely on a separate application to manage their accounts.

I’ve been on twitter for years now and I’ve gotten used to updating my micro blog using an offsite separate desktop twitter client. Time and time again, I have tried different applications just to see if the program will stick to me. And I’ve used quite a lot of them.

There are specific twitter applications that caters to Windows, Mac, and Linux users. These clients are developed targeting a specific operating system in mind. When Adobe Air platform came along, it paved the way for a common ground for most popular operating systems to build rich desktop clients.

Here are my top 3 desktop clients that you might like to use:

1. TweetDeck


TweetDeck enables users to split their main feed into small manageable topic in specific columns maximizing your desktop space. The default column located in the far left side of the screen contains all your profile tweets plus those tweets from people you follow. You can customize columns depending on what you want to see when you open the application. You can have separate columns for groups, replies, and direct messages. It’s all up to you to decide what kind of information you want to see on your deck.

Before you can use TweetDeck, you need to download the Adobe Air application on Adobe’s website for free.

2. Twhirl


Another Adobe Air based twitter desktop client is the Twhirl. The application has that instant messenger feel to it. It’s light and reliable. Twhirl is a single column view application. With Twhirl, you have to click on the button at the bottom to see only direct messages or replies.

What I like about Twhirl is that it takes a small amount of space on your desktop. It sits quietly right at the corner of your screen and it notifies you when there is a new update worthy of your attention.

The only problem I found with Twirl is its lack of ability to create custom groups. I follow about 50 people and they update a lot I and don’t have the time to read them all. What if you are following 1,000 people or more?

3. Seesmic Look

Seesmic Look

January 21st when Seesmic released its standalone desktop twitter client. This new platform from seesmic does not rely on the Adobe Air platform. It’s a purely independent application created to compliment your twitter needs.

Before releasing this program, seesmic has done a lot of customer research and they found out that a lot of people who uses twitter lacks the understanding when it comes to using the micro blogging site. And so they set up a new client that specifically caters to normal twitter users, and not for the geeks and advanced users.

What separates seesmic look from other twitter clients?

1. The Look – Seesmic has put a lot of time and effort to make their twitter client look good. When you are using Windows 7, you will experience the gorgeous user friendly interface. It pops out from the rest of the competition because of its photographic-aesthetic, and it shows you what an application can do with windows aero.

2. Interests Feature – Are you tired of looking for interesting twitter profile? With seesmic’s interest feature, all those interesting twitter accounts will be just a click away. All you have to do is select “interest” on the left menu and it will give you categories like music, politics, humor, and culture. After you select a category, the application will show you all the interesting profiles that might interest you.

3 The Tweets Looks Bigger – Lots of other clients focuses on how many twitter status they can fit in a single window or column. Seesmic works differently. By putting the features on the left side of the screen, and showing you just those things you really need, it makes the size of the tweets much bigger. Also, the program is designed to remove the clutter of too much tweets getting in you way. With the new seesmic program, you get more quality tweets rather than quantity.

4. Link and Photo Preview – Instead of opening a new window to see each and every photo or a link, seesmic has this nifty features that puts thumbnail of photos or links so that you can decide if its worth the click.

So there! These 3 are my top favorite desktop twitter client. I am currently using seesmic look right now and I’m getting the hang of it.

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Happy twitting everyone and Happy Valentines!

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