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Back in the 1990’s, Yahoo and Lycos ruled the internet search business. But when Google came to play in 1998, everything has changed. With its simplistic design and accurate search results, Google became an overnight success.

Google has some pretty nice extras that many people haven’t discovered yet. Here are some tips and tricks that you might find useful the next time you use Google.


Intitle searches the words in a webpage’s title bar. This is particularly helpful if you remember the title of an article that you liked but don’t know where to find it, intitle will help you find your way back.

Example: intitle:"wicked sago spitting in public"


If you want to find a document with a specific file type, like .doc, or .pdf, try including “filetype” in your search string.

Example: Consumer report 2008 filetype:pdf

The Hyphen

If you want to search for mustang – the animal, not the car. Placing a hyphen on your search will make your results more accurate.

Example: mustang-animal-habitat

Additional Things You Can Do Directly In Google’s Search Bar

  • Perform calculations. If you want to know the sum of 5 and 6, you just enter “5+6” in Google’s search field and click search.
  • Currency converter. How much is $17.99USD in Philippine Peso? Just type “17.99 USD to PHP” then click search.
  • Track Flight. Forgot your departure time? Just type your airline and your flight number.
  • Find local time. Do you want to know the local time in Mozambique? Just type “Local Time Mozambique” in Google’s search field and click search.
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  1. cool.. i never search much on google, except when i have questions.. =P

  2. Nice info:)

  3. i didn't know we can find the file type..
    good sharing

  4. GoogletipsandtricksApril 15, 2011 at 4:02 PM

    Good Blog... quite informative :)
    I have also found out some more interesting google tips and hav put them on
    Google keeps on innovating new techniques and one needs to be updated with it to make the work easier.


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