5 Latest Men’s Beachwear You Need To Have This Summer

The cool thing about living in a tropical paradise is the wide array of beaches surrounding you. I am lucky enough to be living in an area in the Philippines where the beaches are awesometastic. We have the famous white sand beach of Patar in Bolinao, the jaw dropping wonder of the the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, and the serine and tranquil beauty of Tondol Beach in Anda.

Patar Beach, Bolinao

Hundred Island, Alaminos

Tondol Beach, Anda

When you are at the beach, you need to cover yourself with something that will make you look good and hot. Isn’t that summer is all about? Being hot than the sizzling sun?

Here are my 5 beachwear items that you might consider wearing when you head to the beach.

Item #1: Sleeveless T-shirts

I don’t have a toned body or anything like that, so wearing a muscle shirt or a tank top is out of the question. Instead, I prefer to wear something more comfortable and laidback.

The best Sleeveless T-shirts are those with retro looking designs, and with vintage quality appeal to them.

Item #2: Swimming Shorts

Trunks are too daring and I won’t be comfortable if I wear one.

Swimming shorts are a nice alternative to those skimpy beach trunks people wear. They are also fashionable, and very easy to eyes.

Forget about boring colors, and try something new and different. Instead of having monotone shorts, get the one with the most flashy colors and with floral prints on them.

The great thing about these shorts is you can use it with your sleeveless tee to attend those late night beach parties.

Item #3: Sunglasses

When you plan to stay out all day, you need to protect your eyes. Sunglasses are great when it comes to making your own fashion statement, but it will also help you protect your eyes.

When buying sunglasses, makes sure that will protect your from the harmful effect of UV rays. Fake sunglasses usually doesn’t count, because they are just made from cheap tinted glasses, they won’t be able to shield your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

Sunglasses will also help you see better by reducing the glare caused by the reflection of the sun’s light from the water. A polarized sunglass will usually correct this, but they cost more compared to a regular sunglass. 

Item #4 Sandals

No leather shoes, rubber shoes, or any kinds of closed foot wear on the beach. You need to have those open-toe footwear that includes flip-flops, and thongs.

Item #5: Comfortable Pants

After a tiring and wet day at the beach, you need to switch from your wet beach shorts to a more comfortable and relaxing loose shorts. Linen pants with a drawstring detail will suffice.

Wear it with your sleeveless t-shirt and it will definitely help you turn some eyes in your direction.


Enjoy your day at the beach and have a fun summer everyone!

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  1. Great tips. Certainly must-haves during summer vacations. Thanks.

  2. Really this ware like so beautiful . I think it can be comfortable to use.


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