Windows XP still lives on! Downgrade rights ‘till 2020

I was in a mall with a friend a couple of days ago and we decided to take a look at what’s the latest in laptops and other hardware. To my surprise, most laptop retailers still sells laptops and net books with Windows XP as their primary operating system. When I asked the guy in the store why do they still computers with a 9-year old OS on them, he told me that most people still prefers Windows XP over Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Despite the inefficient use of hard drive and the occasional blue screen of death, Windows XP still is the most popular OS in the world.

According to Computerworld, 74% of businesses in the world still runs the old windows operating system. Because of this, the software giant decided to extend their downgrade rights ‘till 2020.

The reason behind this perhaps is the familiarity of people to Windows XP.

Microsoft now offers clients the ability to downgrade their Windows 7 to Windows XP professional throughout the entire lifecycle of Windows 7.

"Our business customers have told us that the removing end-user downgrade rights to Windows XP Professional could be confusing," said Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc, in an entry on the company blog.

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