5 Things 24 thought me about life

When they first aired 24, I was in high school. It was 2002 when I first heard about the series and I didn’t even give a shit about it. But eight years later, I can’t seems to stop watching it.

I have the whole series of 24 (from season 1 to season 8). I bought it when I went to Manila a couple of months ago. I was planning to do a series marathon back then but can’t seem to find the time to do so. But now, it seems that I have so much free time that I can watch a whole season in just two days.

I’m about to finish season four and about to start season five.

But before I start my marathon today, I decided to write life lessons I’ve learned from watching 24 just like what I did a couple of months back about Star Trek.

[1] A lot can happen in 24 hours.

When you watch a whole series of 24, you will realize a lot can happen in a day. Special Agent Jack Bauer can prevent a bio attack from happening, torture terrorists, and find a missing piece of a puzzle in a day. ---

People often take for granted the time they have in day. When we waste time or spend it to some not worth while things, we can never have it back. Start thinking how to spend your time wisely. If you can’t avoid routine stuff because your work requires it, spend your free time with friends and family.

[2] Life is full of surprises.

Life offers us things that we usually don’t expect. May it be a problem that needs to be solved, or a simple gift just waiting for us to find it.

Simple things often go unnoticed. We are so held up by our responsibilities that we sometimes forget to appreciate simple things that can have a lasting effects in our lives.

[3] Being President is hard.

You can never avoid citizens who complains about their leader. Some of them complains and throws shit at their president for a living.

When you watch 24, you will realize how huge the burden is when you are president of a country. It doesn’t matter if it is a small a a big country, you are still responsible for countless of lives.

A president’s decision can either save or damn his country.

[4] First impressions never last.

At CTU, there are different characters that plays different roles. Some have nice personality, and others, blatantly offensive.

I don’t like Chloe O’Brien when I fist saw her in season three. Her character is dysfunctional, and she is very offensive. But when you closely follow her role, she means well and her offensive behavior is a result of a character disorder.

[5] Be yourself.

Pretending to be somebody might get you in deep shit, or worse, it can even cost you your life.

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  1. honestly, i didnt even watch 24.. but glad it thought you something.. i believe most shows teach us things =)

  2. you should watch it, its really great.


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