5 Quick SEO Tips For Beginners

5 Quick SEO Tips For BeginnersWhenever you perform a search in a search engine and hit ‘enter’, you get a list of web results that are relevant to the search query you just entered. Web users normally tend to click websites that are at the top of this result page as they perceive those to be the most relevant to the query they just entered. If you ever think of why some pages rank better than others, it is all because of a web marketing technique called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a technique which helps search engine to find your website, and hopefully, rank your web pages higher than others. If done right, SEO will help you get more traffic from search engines.

Here are some 5 quick SEO tips for beginners.

1. Content

Content is probably the most important part of a website. You have to make sure that you write well-written and unique contents that are relevant to your blog theme. Focus on your primary keyword or phrase. This will help crawlers to find and index your site even faster.

2. Images

Image crawling requires an intelligent image processing which isn’t possible yet. So right now, crawlers can only index the image filename or related keywords in a web page. So if you add an image to your web site, make sure you place relevant texts in the page so crawlers can identify it and index it.

3. Backlinks

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or a web page. The more credible backlinks you have, the higher your page rank will be. (However, it is not yet clear whether the value of backlinks will be affected by Google’s new search algorithm)

4. Ease of Use

Make sure your website is easy to use. Your web design can influence your online popularity and credibility, and it will also significantly increase your page ranking.

5. Bottom Line

SEO is TEXT, LINKS, POPULARITY, and REPUTATION. Make sure you invest in each one and you will get all the website traffic you could possibly want.

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