How To Clean Up The Temp Folder In Windows

How To Clean Up The Temp Folder In WindowsWhen you run programs within Windows, there will be many times when a program will create one or more temporary files. For example, when you print a document, Windows does not send the document to your printer, but rather, Windows makes a copy of the document on your disk. Windows then uses the copy to print the document. Likewise, when you edit a document, many word processing programs will create a temporary backup copy of your file on disk. Normally, when such programs finish their processing, they discard the temporary file. Unfortunately, there are times when a program, for some reason, does not delete its temporary files. As a result, over time, what started our as a temporary files, are not consuming considerable space on your disk.

Most Windows-based programs create their temporary files within the /Windows/Temp folder. You should get into the habit of cleaning out the /Windows/Temp folder at least once a week, and more frequently, if you are low on disk space. To clean out the /Windows/Temp folder, you will use the Windows Explorer to delete the files that the folder contains by performing these steps:

1. Click your mouse on the Start Button. Windows, in turn, will display the Start menu.

2. Within the Start menu, click your mouse on the Programs option. Windows will display the Programs submenu.

3. Within the Programs submenu, click your mouse on the Windows Explorer option. Windows will open an Explorer window.

4. Within the Explorer window, select the Windows folder and then select the Temp subfolder. The Explorer, in turn, will display a list of the files the folder contains.

5. After you have selected the /Windows/Temp folder, click your mouse on the Explorer Edit menu and choose the Select All option. The Explorer, in turn, will highlight the folder’s file list in reverse video. Next, click your mouse on the Delete buttons or press the DEL key on your keyboard. The Explorer will display a dialog box asking you to confirm that you want to move the files t the Recycle Bin. Select Yes.

6. To close the Explorer window, click your mouse on the window’s Close button.

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