Chromebook Arrives In June 15 | Google I /O

Fast startup, long battery life, and the ability to upload/download files through the cloud will be among the most significant features of the new Google device that will be available in the United States, and to five European countries on the 15th of June. Estimated price will be below $500.
Chromebook will feature a native PDF viewer, and its own integrated media player that will allow users to view videos and listen to music stored on an external hard drive or a USB flash drive.

What makes Chromebook different from other laptop or netbook is that it stores all information and data in the cloud, giving the user the ability to upload pictures directly to Picasa and full access to Google Docs with a few simple steps. You can also share, manage and access all your contents online via
On the security of the operating system, Google guarantees the security of your data using the a platform that has been designed by Google from the ground up. The Chromebook will be providing continued and automatic updates to ensure that you are protected from vulnerabilities that may occur.
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