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A while ago, I had the opportunity to sign up for Google+ thanks to my good friend JeysiBoi. Because of him, I was able to check what’s new and the functionality of which so much has been spoken in past couple of weeks.

For those who still doesn’t know what Google+ is, it is a new social network designed to compete with Facebook. The new social networking site from Google integrates your Gmail, Google profile and other services currently linked to your Google account. The main goal of Google+ is to outperform the competition in the social networking sphere. Right now, Google+ is still in closed beta, and you can access it by invitation only.

The overall design resembles that of Facebook. The large white space offers an intuitive interface for user experience.

The tab bar located at the top contains the Home, Photos, Profile, and Circle buttons.

Watch these videos to learn more:

Google+: A Quick Look

Google+: Sparks

Google+: Hangout

Google+: Huddle

Google+: Instant Upload

These are just some of the awesome features of Google+. In my opinion, Google+ is lean, fast, and very well done. If the search engine giant can convince a reasonable number of Facebook users to migrate to their Google+ platform, their success would be assured.

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