Review: iPhone 4S 16GB

The much awaited smartphone of the year, the Apple iPhone 4S, was launched in October. Within two months, it reached the Philippines – but at a hefty price tag of Php37,499.00 for the basic 16 GB model. We know what you are thinking: is the iPhone 4S really better than the excellent iPhone 4?
Review: iPhone 4S 16GB
The Apple iPhone 4S looks exactly like the iPhone 4 and there is no way you can differentiate them from their physical appearance. But under the hood, the iPhone 4S is a completely new phone.
The first big inclusion is Siri, the intelligent voice assistant. This is an integrated app that understands voice commands and responds accordingly. It worked well for me when adjusted to English (US).
From dictating text messages to browsing the web to checking weather, it responded well. But at times, it did respond saying, “I cannot understand what you are saying.” When asked to look for restaurants nearby, it replied saying “I can only look for business in the United States”.  We don’t blame Sir as it is still in the beta state for many countries, including the Philippines.
Review: iPhone 4S 16GB
Unlike the iPhone 4 that had antenna issues, there were no call drops on the 4S. The call clarity was superb. even with a single-core processor, the iPhone 4 never felt slow, but Apple is joining the bandwagon, having put an A5 dual-core chip in the 4S. This made it quick and responsive. Apple has also replaced the 5 MP camera with an 8 MP one. The quality of the images captured is excellent; it even comes with an HDR more for special images. The 4S in undoubtedly the best camera phone around. Also, the 1080p video capture is studding.
Although, the iOS5 is available for upgrade to the iPhone 4 and iPhone #GS, it comes pre-installed on the 4S and provides access to iCloud for storing data on the clod. Twitter integration, notification bar and alerts, camera key on the home screen. etc.
Overall, the iPhone 4S is among the best phone but it is the price that will deter many enthusiasts from buying it, at least in the Philippines.
Review: iPhone 4S 16GB Review: iPhone 4S 16GB Reviewed by Echo on 4:16:00 PM Rating: 5

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