Review: Nokia Lumia 800

The wait for the first Windows Phone from Nokia ended with the release of two devices. We reviewed the Lumia 800, a gorgeous smartphone. Available in black, cyan, and magenta, it has a curved 3.7-inch glass AMOLED display that gets smoothly with the unibody design. The power, volume control, and camera keys are in silver metal placed on the right edge with the charging jack. The microSIM slot is neatly covered with a lid.

Review: Nokia Lumia 800
Complementing the outer design is the Windows Phone platform with its Metro UI. The customizable tiles on the home screen with the app menu is similar to any other Windows Phone device. But thanks to the tie-up between Nokia and Microsoft, users get the best from both worlds. Onboard apps include Nokia Drive for navigation, App Highlights for recommended apps by Nokia, Nokia Maps, Bing Maps, TuneIn Radio and timesPoynt, to mention a few.

Starting the phone prompts you for a Windows Live ID for downloading applications and SkyDrive for data storage and the Nokia account. Typing using the onscreen keyboard is a pleasing experience and all communications appears under a single hood. Users can update their status on various sties from the "’Me’ tile that appears on the home screen and check friends update and post comment from the people hub. The Office app addresses the issue of downloading a third-party documentation app and lets one read and edit documents on the move. The sound output is impressive, as is the video playback. However, the 8MP camera isn’t the best and captures average images only. The phone’s smooth functioning is due to the 1.4 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM.

However, there are a few drawbacks. The onboard memory of the smartphone is a measly 16GB and it doesn’t support a memory card for expanding memory. The applications available for Windows Phone Mango are very few in comparison to those for iOS and Android.Another drawback of the Windows Phone platform is one its inability to transfer content over Bluetooth. The battery backup too is just about average.
Review: Nokia Lumia 800 Review: Nokia Lumia 800 Reviewed by Wicked Sago on 2:55:00 PM Rating: 5

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