7 Cool Things About Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are a peculiar breed of notebooks that seek to be ultra-portable, ultrafast and just adequately powerful.

7 Cool Things About Ultrabooks

Thin Profile:

Ultrabooks are meant to be thin, almost always under 20mm, which makes them easier to put under your armpits. Not they’re not waterproof, in case you’re wonder. (yuck)

Light Form Factor:

They’re also much lighter than the usual notebooks out in the market – about 1.5kg or less. This is obviously due to the fact that Ultrabooks are really thin.

Speed Boot and Resume:

You can have a thin and light notebook, but without the speed from an SSD, you might as well get a tablet. Having an SSD allows the machine to draw data fast, hence speedy boot and resume times.

Batter Life:

Without long battery life on these machines, again you might as well get a tablet, because you can’t be productive if the machine dies after one hour of usage right?

Clickpad: Ultrabooks have other unofficial traits, like a huge clickable track pads. Some manufacturers opt not to put it in, but most see fit to gift us with an obscenely big touch pad for better tracking.

Good Speakers:

Another trait which we love is the big sound that come from these small machines. All of the Ultrabooks here have relatively good and loud speakers, good for watching YouTube on the go.

Chicklet Keyboard:

As of now, another favorite unofficial Ultrabook trait which we love is the Chiclet keyboard, because they’re more comfortable to type on and they also look better.

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