What is LTE?

LTE (Long Term Evolution)

Long term evolution (LTE) isn’t that hard to understand. Think of it as an upgrade to the 3G network, with faster download speeds starting from 75Mbps. This is done either through a new frequency band that’s allocated to the service providers, or having its existing GSM networks overhauled.

LTE, which is also coined as 4G is steadily gaining traction as various countries have started supporting the infrastructure, along with devices armed with LTE modems. While the new iPad comes with LTE supports, there’s one important fact to note: it will only work on 700MHz and 2100MHz frequency bands.

If you live in a country which is building or upgrading its LTE network on different spectrums, you won’t get to enjoy LTE speeds on the new iPad. All is not lost however, HSPA+ Connectivity, which has a theoretical download speed of 21Mbps, is compatible between the new iPad and a majority of the telcos around the world.

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