Flickr for Android review

Flickr for Android review

Who hasn’t heard of Flickr? The photo sharing giant with 60 million users has finally gotten on board with its Android app late last year, allowing users to upload their mobile photos from their smartphone to their Flickr accounts. If you don’t have a pre-existing account, you can either sign in via a Yahoo ID, your Google+ account or Facebook.

The app comes with a total of 10 original filters but lacks the ability to crop or rotate your images. You can select from three image size presets but that’s about it when it comes to configuring the size of your pictures. Cross-sharing is also easy; options for Facebook, twitter, Tumblr and email are shown right before the app prompts you to post your photo.

The one thing we like the most about the Flickr app is its streamlined interface. Thanks to a simple tabbed design, navigation is extremely fluid and easy. To add on, it take a couple of taps and swipes for a comprehensive Flickr experience. For example, to view someone’s profile, you simply swipe to the left to get a glance of his (or her) Photostream, Favorites, Sets, Profile information and so forth.

One downside is that if you are looking to share your photos with a vast groups of people outside of your followers, that’s something Flickr can’t provide. The Flickr app offers a pretty self-contained photo-sharing experience – no hashtag streams, no way to view photos by people you don’t have in your contacts and hence, zero interactivity outside your circle of friends.

Nonetheless, it is a good place to start if you are looking for that one app to consolidate your amateur mobile photography and serious photography.

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