LG D2342P review

LG D2342P review

LG isn’t a newcomer to the desktop display industry, though the D2342P is their first 3D-enabled monitor offering for the masses. Unfortunately for LG, first look don’t really impress as the product is a mass of black with uninspiring aesthetics. A wide bottom bezel makes the device look rather plain, and the 23-inch display doesn’t boast a particular thin profile even thought it utilizes LED backlighting. The display features a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, response time to 5ms, as well as a brightness rating of 250cd/m2.

You do get five buttons for operation on the bottom  right hand side, while users can tweak the display settings via on-screen controls. Aside from the power button though, the other buttons aren’t clearly marked for visual identification, though once pressed, a menu pops up on the screen to denote the function of each option.

Interestingly, the D2342P eschews NVIDIA’s 3D Kit and instead boasts LG’s own passive Cinema 3D technology. This also means that you do not need to worry about charging active shutter glasses, and can afford to use polarized alternatives.

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