Picplz for Android review

Picplz for Android review

While Picplz for Android does not have the big community outreach that Instagram has, it brings a few novel features to the plate. It is more than a camera phone app; like the soon-to-be defunct Lightbox app (their developers were hired by Facebook – LOL), it backs up your photos online but goes one step further by allowing you to apply filters and post your edited photo via your PC on your Picplz web account.

Like Instagram, you need an account to get started; you can’t login via an existing Facebook or twitter account like you can with the others. However, you can search and follow Picplz users in your contact on on popular social networks. For the latter, simply link up your Picplz account with any of the services included: Facebook, twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous and Foursquare. The other great thing with Picplz is that it allows users to link their accounts with Dropbox, which allows for easy backup of original, full-resolution and filtered photos.

Picplz comes with 17 custom filters alongside a slew of editing tools powered by Aviary Inc. This includes options like Crop, Redeye, Flip, and Rotate. Others include converting your image to a meme, blemishing or whitening and adding text as well as stickers. you can move, resize or rotate the stickers; if the selection is too small for you simply click of the option to get more and you will be prompted to download it. If you prefer to skip the editing process, simply select a photo from your gallery.

Aside from a “like” function, another nifty feature that Picplz has is its ability to allow users to add any photo to “collections”, an element reminiscent of Pinterest. Do not that photos aren’t saved wholesale; once you click on it, it redirects to where it was originally posted. These collections are like folders and you can choose to add photos to a new or existing collection.

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