Top 5 Smartphone Antivirus

Top 5 Smartphone Antivirus

These days, almost every hand sports a smartphone. A phone which is nothing less than a mini computer. Don’t you use it for almost everything right from accessing social networking accounts to mobile banking? You would certainly agree that these tiny devices are loaded with all your personal and sensitive information and hence these need protection. If malicious minds can hack into your computer, what makes you think they will spare your smartphone? Hence why not use anti-virus especially made for smartphones? After all as and when technology advances, so do the malwares and notorious viruses.

Follow the age-long saying “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” for once your phone is hacked and information is stolen, it’s gone forever. Take some preventive measures by giving your phone an immune dose of anti-viruses crafted especially for smartphones. Here are some of the top antivirus software that you can download for your smartphone today:


Kaspersky Las was apparently the first anti-virus vendor that detected and removed the malware on Symbian as well as CE mobile platforms. Today, Kaspersky Mobile security is a name to reckon with for high quality antivirus program that you can download to protect your phone. It is one of the major mobile anti-viruses available for almost all platforms. Kaspersky fights all kinds of malware, Trojans, worms, adware and pop-ups. Additionally, it also offers various anti-theft features and is a complete spam blocking package. What’s more, it also uses a removable sim card to store a back up of your data.

Download Kaspersky Mobile


McAfee is yet another big name when it comes to smartphones anti-virus. McAfee offers both anti-malware as well as anti-spam protection. The best part is that not only does it make your smartphone immune to various threats but also protect any system that you connect your smartphone to. This comprehensive anti-virus suite hence protects your device from all entry points, offering an all-rounded protection.

Download McAfee Mobile Security Here


Avast provides a comprehensive security package for smartphones. It performs regular scans on your entire phone’s content, including the apps and programs installed. In addition to anti-virus protection. Avast also offers Call/SMS filtering, privacy reports and an application manager. Furthermore, Avast offers anti-theft security in the sly form, which lets you control your lost phone remotely, without giving any hints to the thief.

Download Avast Mobile Security for Android Here


Norton Smartphone Security is among the major smartphone anti-virus available in the market. The anti-virus wards off evil malware. Additionally, it also keeps the notorious spam at bay by preventing and restricting useless messages and pop ups. Norton also offers anti-phishing protection in its package. It is available for multi-platform and offers multi-device protection.

Buy Norton Mobile Security Here


F Secure offers security mainly for business smartphones. The program mainly focuses upon business applications and helps keep malware away. Additionally, F Secure also offers anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-theft features, making your smartphone immune to any sort of virus attacks. Additionally, it also offers a real-time on device protection with automatic over-the-air anti-virus updates.

Download F-Secure Mobile Security Here

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