Ferrari Cavallino T350 review

If you would like to be noticed in a trice, grow a large beak or cultivate a Grouchy Marx moustache. If none of these appeal to you then Logic3's Ferrari Cavallino T350 headphones definitely will. To you and those around you.

Available in black or tan leather, these cans are elegantly styled and extremely well finished. Every little detail, including the stitching on the padded, leather-clad headband are perfect. What we didn't appreciate was the plastic cap on the right. If conceals the AAA battery compartment. We just hope this little hatch is not lost too easily by its owner. The ear cups also sport soft leather padding and the 40mm drivers are covered by a thickish layer of foam. The cups fit firmly but not entirely around the ears. They were very comfortable buy only for an hour or so.

The T350 is accompanied with three woven fabric cables. Tow sport an inline control - for iDevices and Android/BB/WP gear. The third doesn't have the said control. An airline adaptor is also included in the pouch velcroed into the large hard shell case. In terms of branding and associated finery, Logic3 has it all covered.

Two AAAs are mandatory as these are active noise cancelling headphones. That's fine by us but they do not function until ANC is switched on. What soured the deal more, was when the battery charge weakens the ANC hiss turns into a disturbing high-pitch noise. Apart from this niggle the T350 are powerful, work well across all kinds of genres. But as a pair that sport the cavallino, we were hoping for a more detailed and thrilling ride.
Ferrari Cavallino T350 review Ferrari Cavallino T350 review Reviewed by Wicked Sago on 9:46:00 AM Rating: 5

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