Dell Latitude 10 Tablet review

Various market analysis have commented on how smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used by the younger generation. Look around you and it'll appear to be quite an obvious statement. But the Dell Latitude 10 tablet is the sort of tab an executive would like to have at hand. It combines a mix of useful features in a sombre yet practical package.

This Windows 8 (32-bit) slate sports a 10.1-inch IPS display that's scratch-resistant thanks to the use of Corning's Gorilla Glass. The edges and the tab's rear has been given a matte black rubberized texture, making it easier to grip and manoeuvre with one had too. This particular tab stands out with its removable battery. The slim 3,850mAh battery can be replaced with a beefier one for longer life. Not that you will really be needing one if usage is going to be sporadic and restricted to file-fetching and email exchanges. Video cons with the 2-MP front facing camera will cut into the day-long battery life.

This biz tab houses an Intel Atom processor chugging away at 1.8GHz and a basic Intel GMA graphics chip. There is 2GB RAM and 64GB of solid state storage. Unlike the Acer W510, which felt more responsive, Dell's tab felt sluggish. Transfers via the full USB port were quick and so were boot-up times, thanks to the SSD. The display is bright and responsive. The speakers are loud and connectivity-wise you get Wi-Fi, BT, and a mini HDMI port and a charging-only microUSB port as well. But it's a pricey tab that's only good for basic office work.
Dell Latitude 10 Tablet review Dell Latitude 10 Tablet review Reviewed by Wicked Sago on 9:44:00 AM Rating: 5

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