The Lost Posters of Inglorious Basterds

When Inglorious Basterds was being promoted, some of the people behind the film teamed up with Upper Playground to create commissioned posters for the movie. Unfortunately, these posters never saw the light of day.

Last February 18th, these lost movie posters was put on sale to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Each posters was signed by Quentin Tarantino, and priced at $300 dollars each.

Skinner Davis

Alex Pardee

David Choe

Dora Drimalas

Estevan Oriol


N8 Van Dyke

Jeremy Fish

Patrick Martinez

Morning Breath

Munk One

Rene Almanza

The Lost Posters of Inglorious Basterds The Lost Posters of Inglorious Basterds Reviewed by Wicked Sago on 10:15:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. These are cool! I never really liked war-themed movies, but anything tarantino touches (well, not all I guess) turn to gold!

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