5 Ways To Screw Up Your Blog

Blogging has received some hits in the advent of social networks and micro-blogging. Because of time constraints, some bloggers have decided to leave their blog and move to a micro-blogging site, like twitter.

There are some people, however, that have decided to stay and update their blog on a regular basis despite the required amount of time and patience needed for a single blogs post.

Maintaining a working blog site requires energy, time, and an unlimited supply of good ideas. If you think you don’t have time, or the inspiration to compose an interesting article, you should think again before staring a web log.

Here are 5 characteristics that you should never have if you want to start your personal blog:

1. If you don’t like reading. When you want to become a part of the blogosphere, you need to read other blogs too and comment on posts that interests you. Blogging is not merely about giving information to other people, it’s also about sharing ideas and information. If you don’t read other blogs, you are just going to isolate yourself, and isolation is not a good strategy when you are in the blogging community.

2. If you’re blogging for the sake of having a blog. People know if you are passionate about the things you put out in your blog or not. That is why, if you feel that updating your blog is such a chore, you won’t be able to touch the interests of your readers.

3. If you don’t have the time to update on a regular basis. Having a blog can eat up your time sometimes. But if you are really passionate about blogging, you will find time to update it. You don’t really have to update your blog everyday. You can update it once or twice a week, that should be good enough.

4. If you’re a hater. Being negative is very irritating. People don’t usually like to read about things that offends, and posts that are negative will often give your readers a heavy feeling. No one wants to feel that.

5. If you’re lazy. Lazy people don’t accomplish much. And most of their works sucks.

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  1. Yeah, blogging need times, effort and passion. But start a blog if you are not going to blog. ^^

  2. Well put. blogging is a place for sharing entertainment, news, and ideas. if you just keep it to yourself better buy a diary.

  3. many of my friends said that they had no time to update their blogs..some of them even 4 months never update...i think dun start a blog...if you were not interested in blogging...happy blogging mate


  4. i agree.

    in an effort to get both worlds, i am trying to make a blog that has a concept.

    e pano kung gusto mo lang magsalita?



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