Who Loves Glee?

When my friends told me told me how awesome the show was, I never expected it to be good. I was blown away by the acting and the talent of the cast members.

Glee is a show that follows the lives of a group of unpopular talented misfits who wants to bring their high school glee club to its former glory. The club is lead by a charming and optimistic coach who goes by the name of Mr. Will Schuester. Together, they try to bring out the best in each other by singing their hearts out.

The show also tackles some significant issues that most teens deals today like, racism, homosexuality, teen pregnancy, peer pressure, and sex in a comedic way.

Coach Sue Sylvester is also a memorable character. Her main objective is to sabotage the group so she can have all the funding she needs for her cheering squad the ‘Cheerios’.Coach Sue Sylvester is evil in human form with a sick and twisted humor.

The shows song numbers are a hit and miss. But when they hit, they’re brilliant! Who can forget their version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” and their extremely funny rendition of the Salt-N-Pepa hit single “Push It”? And of course, any fan of the show will never forget the episode when the football team psyched their opponents by doing a Beyonce number while in the middle of the field.

Glee is a show full of promise. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the next season.

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  1. Don't you have star world in Malaysia? I believe they are airing the first season every Wednesday after American Idol.


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