5 Amazing Things About Firefox 4

5 Amazing Things About Firefox 4.0Mozilla has released the first beta version of Firefox 4.0, and its ready for download here.

Choosing the right browser that works best for you can be overwhelming sometimes. With so many new browsers popping up everywhere, users are going to need some help figuring out which browser to download and which to ignore.

Here are some highlights of what to expect when you decide to try the latest browser from Mozilla.

1. Intuitive and Efficient Tab Feature

The first thing that you will notice when you open the new Firefox 4 is the new tab position. Tabs are now located at the top part of the browser, making the new browser efficient and intuitive.

Another amazing Firefox 4 tab feature is the “Pin as App Tab” which allow the user to pin websites that they often use for easy access and viewing –such as Gmail or Facebook. These App Tabs also glows when it detects activity on the site, may it be an incoming new mail from Gmail or when a new status has been posted on your Facebook.

2. Firefox Sync

Another amazing new feature from Firefox 4 is the ability to synchronize all your Firefox data (history, bookmarks, browser setting)  across various platforms.

3. Firefox Engine

Firefox 4.0 will support WebM format for HD-quality video; 3D graphics via WebGL; elegant animations through the use of CSS3; and multitouch support.

Also a faster graphics acceleration with Direct2D and Direct 3D on Windows, X Render on Linux, and OpenGL on Mac.

4. JägerMonkey

JägerMonkey JavaScript engine will improve Firefox 4’s performance substantially. This includes faster startup time, graphic rendering, and page loads.

5 Amazing Things About Firefox 4.0

JavaScript performance is vital, because we’re all increasingly reliant on JavScript-heavy web apps. The Kraken score above is a the time in milliseconds it takes for the browser to complete the test runs; a lower score is better. Note that JavaScript benchmarks should be regarded with a healthy degree of skepticism; it’s incredibly hard to create a realistic benchmark that accurately indicates how fast a browser will be in day-to-day use, so these tests can only give an indication of how fast a browser might be. That said, once again, IE is lagging behind the best here: It took twice as long to complete the tests as Chrome, and nearly three times as long as Firefox. [via]

5. Do Not Track

If you wish to stop advertisers from tracking your online activity, you can do it with a single click in Firefox 4.

‘Do not track’ is a privacy feature that sends along a header to websites and advertisers that the user does not want their online activity tracked.

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