Groupon Philippines: Highlights Best Deals In Manila

Groupon Philippines Highlights Best Deals In ManilaLaunched in 2010, Groupon Philippines features the best deal-of-the-day in Manila. It offers insane discounts on food, clothes, and a whole lot more!

Although Groupon Philippines only serves deals in Manila, the local deals website is actually growing in popularity. Launched only in in December last year, the company now has 40,000+ likes on Facebook.

So, what is Groupon?

Groupon (Group Coupon) is a website that promotes discounts based on your geographic location. The discounts are incredible, but these deals are based on a minimum number of people accepting the offer. If the minimum number of people is not reached by the deadline, no one gets the deal.

Deals offered in Groupon Philippines are extensive, you just have to check their website for the latest deals in Manila, or subscribe to their newsletter so you can get all the hot deals you can possibly handle right in your inbox.

Check out their website [here]

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  1. As a big time Groupon user, I can tell you that the reasons you listed are the reasons we keep coming back! Great savings and very user friendly!

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