10 Strange Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

10 Strange Twitter Accounts You Should FollowToday, you can find almost anything on Twitter, from inanimate objects to fictional characters, to landmark buildings, they all have something to say. For years we have seen the growth of fake Twitter accounts that makes fun of politicians, celebrities, and sports icons. These Twitter accounts continually collects followers because they are funny, and sometimes more interesting compared to the real one.

Today I’m going to list 10 of the most interesting strange Twitter accounts. I’ve been following them and they never fail to make my day. I hope you’ll follow them as well.

@NatHistoryWhale: I am the whale on the ceiling of the Natural History Museum in New York City.

Sample Tweet: Don't you get it Japan? Dolphins and whales want to be friends!! Stop being such jerks!

@IndianaJones: Archaeologist, Professor of Archaeology at Marshal College, and Obtainer of Rare Antiquities

Sample Tweet: Trying to get that chick Lara Croft to be my date to the premiere of my new documentary...she seems like my kind of girl!

@Lord_Voldemort7: I'm apparating in your windows. Snatching your people up.

Sample Tweet: Apparently it is Rob Pattinson's birthday. I have no idea who "Rob" is. I only acknowledge his proper name: Sparkly Cedric.

@Sockington: I am Jason Scott's Cat.

Sample Tweet: hey what happened to the pile of catnip snakes under the couch WHAT YOU WHAT oh noooooooo THAT WAS MY 401K

@Tweance: Angels Fancy Dress conduct the first-ever Twitter seance.

Sample Tweet: Michael Jackson: My masks have all fallen off now. I am just myself and I feel pure, and I want people to know that. Be happy in your lives.

@GhostOfPeter: Kitty Heaven

Sample Tweet: my human's brains are so revved up. if they could see the flowing of the leaves and know that the wind is good, they would be more happy.

@SFSiren: The San Francisco siren (An unofficial account)


@DarthVader: Evil Orphan Annie™

Sample Tweet: I am altering the holiday. Pray I don't alter it further. #sithodemayo

@Queen_UK: By the Grace of God, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, wife to the DoE, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother.

Sample Tweet: OK Great Britain, have a gin and rest assured that we have retained moral, cultural, intellectual and military superiority. #eurovision

@FakeNoynoy: I am the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Follow me, and I shall tell you where Gloria Arroyo hid the good candies.

Sample Tweet: Me: "What is the shape of the Earth?" Bimby: "Cirkol!" Me: "No! Oblate spheroid." Bimby: "Hellow der..." -I think my nephew is retarded.

There you go. I hope you had a blast reading the tweets! Do you know any funny and strange accounts on Twitter? Let me know by leaving me a comment below.

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  1. @donsrock for your consideration as well. Or not, what do I care.


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