Add Books To Your iPad Without iTunes

Add Books To Your iPad Without iTunesAs you know, Dropbox is a free service that lets you take all your photos, documents and videos anywhere. After installing Dropbox on your PC or iPad, any files you save to your Dropbox will automatically be saved on all your computer, including your iPhone and iPad, and even on Dropbox’s website.

Currently Dropbox offers 2GB of free online storage. You can also upgrade your free membership to increase your storage capacity for a fee.

Today, we are going to explain how to add books to the Apple’s iBook iPad app without using iTunes.

With is, you can easily transfer any book format EPUB or PDF stored in your PC to your iPad via Wi-Fi and create your own library.

1. You need to have a Dropbox account. Register here.

2. Download the software for your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), and run the application and sign in with your Dropbox account information.

3. Download and Run Dropbox’s free application for your iPad, and sign in using your account.

4. From your PC, upload your collection of books in EPUB format of PDF to Dropbox. Remember, you can create folders.

5. From your iPad, tap your Dropbox app, select any book in your Dropbox folders and tap “Open in iBooks”.

That’s it! You now know how to transfer EPUB and PDF files to your iPad without using iTunes.

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  1. It's amazing that in 2013 you can't just drag and drop a file onto an iPad. Every time I end up having to use an Apple device I'm amazed that people continue to put up with all of these restrictions. I'm guessing they just don't know better. I'm still in awe that you can't maximize a program on a Mac. You paid for the full screen, you just can't use it...

  2. Try iTools - it's free and allows drag and drop of PDF and ePUB files to and from your iPhone or iPad. (also pictures and videos)

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