Blogger Down For More Than 30 Hours

Blogger, a popular web publication website by Google has been down and has changed the status of the posts of its users to read-only mode for more than 30 hours because of system wide failure that led to all comments and updates (made after 7:37 a.m. PDT on May 11, 2011) inaccessible.

Blogger Down For More Than 30 Hours

“We are very sorry that users are unable to publish to Blogger right now. We have rolled back the maintenance release from last night and as a result, posts and comments from all users made after 7:37 am PDT on May 11, 2011 have been removed. Again, we apologize that this happened and our engineers are working hard to return Blogger to normal and restore your posts and comments. We will post a report once this work is complete.” –The Blogger Team

Google has not released a status report on what they are doing to restore the service.  The company has posted a few updates on their Twitter account, but still hasn’t released any explanation yet on what caused the down time, how widespread it is, and what will happen to users’ content.

The last post from Blogger’s homepage only confirms that the service is disabled for maintenance and that blogs hosted by Blogger are running in read-only mode until they fix the problem.

Blogger said via Twitter that the outage was not related to the launching of the new design.

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