Facebook Introduced New Security Measures

Facebook To Introduce New Security Measures

The security on Facebook is an issue that is gaining attention lately, not only because Sophos requested the social networking giant to increase its efforts in protecting its users, but also from a recent applications-related bug that prompted an investigation by the United States government. Finally, the social networking site introduced a number of security measures to make the site’s environment more secure.

In response to these security and privacy concerns, Facebook is introducing a series of security measures for the whole site to make Facebook more secure.

The interesting thing is that the three new features focus on different aspects of the safety of the members of the service, including monitoring each logon, analyzing the reputation of the links shared on profiles and other areas of the site. It will also gives a user more options to recover a forgotten password. 

  • Blocking Malicious Links

WOT will be integrated directly into the social network. In a way, WOT will warn people of potentially damaging links to prevent them from clinking it. WOT is an online service that offers browser apps that informs users of the reputation of the site.

  • Approval of Logons

This is similar to Gmail’s mobile authentication code. When you log on to a different computer, Facebook will send a code to your mobile phone. You can only be allowed access to your account if you enter those codes.

  • Social Verification

Social verification in a way provides a last resort to people who have lost or forgotten their Facebook account password. And this is how it works: A Facebook user needs to select three trusted friends who will each get a verification code. The user then calls each of those friends to get the code and enter it on Facebook to gain access to the account.

Social verification: this feature was in evidence for several months and aims to remember a password that we forget, without having to resort to questions that could be guessed. Facebook chooses three close friends and send codes of verification that we enter. Once we complete this step, we recover access to the account.

Approval of logons: already a time Facebook indicates from what locations we have logged in to our account, and may end the session with a click. This function is now more complete because, when we try logging into your account from a computer that we did not previously authorized, are we asked for a confirmation through a code that we will receive on your mobile.

I personally love the integration of WOT because it an excellent way to prevent malicious links from spreading on the social networking site.

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