How To Download Torrents Faster

How To Download Torrents FasterDownloading torrents can be very frustrating, and very unpredictable sometimes. However, the download speed of a torrent is not about luck, it really depends on how fast your internet connection is and what country you’re from. But with some simple tweaking, you can probably improve the speed of your torrent download.

Here’s how:

1. Bypass The Firewall

The firewall is very important for your computer’s security, but your firewall can also slow down your torrent download. If you know what you are downloading, and you are confident that the source is clear, you can add your BitTorrent to the list of firewall exemptions.

2. Port Forwarding

The next step to speed up your torrent download is to open the ports used by your BitTorrent. It is best to assign a static port and redirect it from the modem or router.

3. Maximum open connections

Windows limits the number of connections (TCP/IP) that we can use at the same time to about 10. The reason behind this is to guard the system from possible attacks from the Internet, but it also limits our download speed. If your torrent client gives you the option to increase these number, you can open your ports to increase your download speed.

4. Trackers

Having more trackers available improves our connection and download speed. Trackers are the number of seeds and peers.

5. Seed

This is the simplest and most useful advice I can give you. If you want your torrent download to go faster, you should seed. This is will eventually encourage other people to do the same. The transfer of the torrent file is done between many different peers. Rather than the data being transferred from one machine to the next, the various pieces of the file are held on many different computers. Seed the file forward…

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