Chromebook YouTube Walkthrough

This week, during the celebration of Google I/O, Google has unveiled the mystery behind the Chrome OS, the first operating system developed specifically to support cloud computing. Now that the Chromebook is nearly here, what do we really know about it?

If you want to know more about this latest product from Google, check these interesting collection of videos in YouTube that can give you an idea about Chromebook. With these videos, you can familiarize yourself with Google’s latest product before it arrives in June.

Guided Tour

With respect to the features provided by Chrome OS, Google has also released some videos that illustrates some important details about Chromebook’s operating system.


Automatic Updates

Synchronization of profiles in the cloud

WebApps for Chrome


Starting speed

Google has also released a couple of lines focused on the introduction of Chromebook for corporate environment for $28 for business and $20 for academic institutions. This package includes the hardware and software, plus support from Google.

Google’s Chromebook is indeed a huge leap in the development of cloud computing. I can’t wait to test it when it arrives in June.

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