What Is Windows 8 BluePoison?

Windows 8 Blue Poison is a multi-function tool developed by the team at Windows8Italia. Windows 9 BluePoison is a third party Windows 8 unlocker app that lets you access hidden features that are not currently accessible through Windows 8 Tweaker. With this app, you can access the following Windows 8 features such as, the new Ribbon user interface, the metro user interface for logging in, the new task manager, as well as the Windows 8 webcam application. BluePoison also gives you the option of downloading build 7995. The program also offers automatic updating for future improvements or leaks that will soon become available.

What Is Windows 8 BluePoison?

With Windows 8 BluePoison you can:

  • Download the latest leaked builds of Windows 8.
  • See the build-list, automatic and regular updates of Windows 8.
  • Unlock the Ribbon UI interface
  • Unlock the new task manager
  • Unlock the webcam application
  • Unlock the immersive browser
  • Unlock the pattern logon
  • Unlock the application folder
  • Download the hack to activate Windows 8
  • The guide on how to activate Windows 8

Other BluePoison Features:

  • Automatic notification for BluePoison software updates
  • Notification for new Windows 8 build
  • Notification for new hacks and activation
  • Recognize installed operating system and shows only the compatible hacks

Download | BluePoison 1.4

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