Windows Store: An App Store In Windows 8

Digging among the system files of Windows 8, a Windows enthusiast on his blog mswin has managed to reveal a system file and a process in Windows 8 Build 7955 that points to Microsoft’s app store which will eventually be called as “Windows Store”.

Windows Store: An App Store In Windows 8

These are the following main features that you can expect when Windows Store is finally released bundled with Windows 8:

  • Support for purchase of online goods and services directly within the app.
  • You can install applications for trial, and then pay for it if you want to get the full version.
  • Windows Store users can rate and review applications.
  • Users can report a problem regarding applications directly to their developers.
  • Each application on the Windows Store will have its own:
    • Minimum System Requirements
    • End User Agreement
    • Feature requests
    • Category and Description
    • Application and Functionality
    • Rating the content
    • Screenshot
    • Link to support forum
    • Types of supported architectures (x86, x64, or ARM)
    • List of enhancements in applications latest versions (change log)

It is important to remember that you can only use Windows Store if you have a Windows Live Account.

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