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Awesome Dropbox AppsI will assume at this point that every knows about Dropbox, the popular cloud storage and file synching service. Apart from its simplicity and space available, this service is free of charge. Its API for developers is very interesting too. The platform lets app developers to create all kinds of tool that can run under Dropbox.

I also find the referral system very tempting. For every Dropbox referral, Dropbox in turn will give you additional 250MB for free. There is a limit of 8GB. All in all, you can increase your Dropbox storage space by up to 10GB if you can invite 32 friends to join Dropbox.

Here are some Apps I found on the web that will improve your Dropbox experience. I hope you like them.


This online service lets you take screenshots, edit them and share them via the Internet in a few easy steps. This service is particularly useful for people who works regularly with public computers.


Pixelpipe is a site that offers to publish pictures, videos, audio and other files from your mobile and other device for multiple platforms (Dropbox is one of them). You can upload media from your Email/MMS, iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre. It will also allow you to upload files using Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger.


With AirDropper, you can send a file to your DropBox account via Email. Once you’ve send the file to your Dropbox via AirDropper, it will automatically synchronize it with your computer.


The latest craze from music listeners everywhere is the ability to store songs in digital lockers, a trend that is being implemented by big online companies such as Google and Amazon. TunesBag is one of the many options in the industry, which focuses on the importation of materials directly from Dropbox and play it in the cloud . It offers more features than DropTunes , but also more complex.


A textmate inspired app, the famous text editor for Max. This offers the possibility to edit your documents stored on your Dropbox using Google Chrome browser.

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