Review: Acer K330 Projector

Board room meetings can be tiring for the eyes, with minuscule charts and writing on 55-inch displays. The bigger projectors can take ages to power up and can only be linked to laptops. Acer's latest, the K330, puts these concerns to rest. The big projector not only starts quickly but is also USB compatible, immediately opening up new sources for projection content besides the laptop.

Review: Acer K330 Prejector

The K330 is in rich white and should fit in with most office decor. All the essential controls - the power key, menu, enter and navigation keys - are neatly placed at the top. They do not interfere with the design of the projector. The main menu comprises settings, office, videos and images.

Review: Acer K330 Prejector

The lens casing can be used to adjust the focus manually. Thanks to the sleek body, it can find room in any corner of the office if it doesn't have its own permanent niche there. At 1.24 kg, it is light enough to be carried around. The box has a smart sleeve that protects the machine from dust.

Review: Acer K330 Prejector

The biggest plus point of this projector is the huge variety of connectivity options at the back - a VGA port for connecting it to a PC, USB port for microUSB port, HDMI port and a memory card reader along with the video, AV in an audio out ports. Unlike other projectors where the shut down and boot up times take 30 seconds or more, the K330 starts up in just seconds.

Review: Acer K330 Prejector

Using the K330, you can project presentations, videos, pictures, etc. As LED projector; it provides brightness of 500 lumens in the normal mode. The text images projected are crisp and clear. you have the option to switch to the eco mode where the brightness dims to 400 lumens. The difference is not a merely in the lumen figures; it is noticeable in the quality of the projected imagery also.

The sound output is average as the K330 has a 2W internal speaker. Compared with other projectors, this Acer machine does not make much noise during operation. Also, since it uses LED illumination, it does not generate much heat. With projection distance of close to 1-10m, the image it projects from 30 inches to 100 inches. The menu contains other features such as auto-shut off feature, high altitude mode, alarm, etc. Acer claims the LED lamp life is around 20,000 hours.

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