Review: Apple MacBook Air

Review: Apple MacBook Air

Apple Inc. had a goal when designing the latest, MacBook Air - "created an incredibly thin and light notebook computer that's every bit as powerful and capable as one as one twice its size". Hats off to Apple for its vision. As the new MacBook Air proves, the company manages to do what others haven't even thought of.


Believe us or not, the new Air is super slim at 0.11 inches swelling up to 0.68 inches from front to back. So don't come complaining about the missing CD drive. Without compromising on specifications, it had added two USB ports, one on each side along with a card reader. Fro this review, we received the bigger of the two sized available: 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches. It has a high resolution, glossy backlit wide-screen display on which watching multimedia content was a delight. The keyboard is desktop size and so, comfortable. The built-in sensor automatically detects ambient light and adjusts the brightness of the keyboard and backlighting. Apple smartly embeds controls on the top row of the keyboard, like brightness adjustment, desktop view, volume controls, Wi-Fi. And don't forget the multi-touch track pad. Yet, the Air still weighs a meager 1.35kg.


Apple has successfully managed to complement the sleek looks with a lot of power. It has graded it with a dual-core Intel i5 processor clocked at 1.7Ghz along with a 4GB RAM. This gives it enough power to handle graphics, games and iMovies smoothly. To achieve the ultrathin form factor, Apple switched to flash storage. The Air comes with 256GB storage on board. Even within its slim contours, Apple has managed to fit in a battery with backup of seven hours (and a standby time that could last a month).

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  1. the screen is on and off automatically on standby


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