ViewSonic V3D245 review

ViewSonic V3D245 review

ViewSonic’s V3D245 is their 24-inch 3D capable LED monitor and it comes entirely in black. The monotony of the aesthetics is broken by the shiny finish of the bezel, although this does make the monitor prone to unsightly finger smudges. Further pizzazz is added by the diamond shaped base, which is pretty stable too.

Touch-sensitive buttons at the lower right hand side of the monitor are clearly marked out with symbols that make it instantly clear what their intended function is. Once the menus pop up, you have a host of options to tweak the performance settings of the device to your liking.

With the help of a built-in transmitter, the ViewSonic V3D245 utilizes NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology to provide that extra bit of realism, to your display. A pair of active shutter glasses comes with the display set; just be sure to have them charged for use.

Specification-wise, they V3D245 appears pretty good on paper, with a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 and a speedy panel refresh rate of 2ms. Brightness is rated at 300cd/m2.

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