Could the Xbox 720 Be Upgradable?

The next generation of consoles is still at least a year away from an official unveiling, but rumors of their capabilitis, specs and official names have been flying around the Internet like so many cute cat pictures. One of the more interesting rumors comes from a Microsoft console patent filed in 2012 that shows a base architecture more similar to that of a PC that a console, allowing for components - such as the GPU - to be replaced or upgraded.

While this generation of consoles has had a long run, the next generation's lifespan - if upgradable - could theoretically be unlimited. Currently, games released at the start of a console's cycle look fantastic, but never really get much better and, but the end of the cycle, can look quite dated, especially when compared to similar PC titles.

If parts were upgradable, instead of buying a completely new console every ten years, you could replace the processor or GPU every three, and with it receive a huge boost in performance and graphics. It would be the same console you know and love, just with more power. Of course, with upgradable components, you run into the issue of compatibility. Are you being forced to upgrade your console just so you can play the latest releases? Some would argue that, in this case, you might as well buy a PC. Developers too would have a harder time, as titles would need to be planned around future hardware specifications.

It wouldn't actually be the first time upgradable parts have been tried with console gaming. I n 1994, Sega released the 32x add-on for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The peripheral was supposed to extend the console's life by doubling its precessing power from 16-bit to 32-bit, but widespread reluctance to upgrade as well as a lack of developer support and thus compatible titles doomed it to an early grave. Nineteen years on, Microsoft needs to decide if it can succeed where Sega failed, or should the upgradable console remain just a patent pipe dream?
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