Facebook Reveals Graph Search

Earlier last week, Facebook sent the world in a tizzy when it sent a message stating that there will be a press conference on 15th of January. Several speculations were made on why this announcement? The wait finally eneded as Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the latest feature on Facebook - Graph Search.

Graph Search is being considered as Facebook's third pillar after Timeline and Newsfeed. The feature will be fully integrated Facebook search, very similar to the lines of web search. So now one can directly search the website for more relatable results. For example, you can now directly search for "Friends who love hip-hop music" and Graph Search will provide results amongst friends and others.

The main four areas where this feature works are people, photos, places, and interests. What limits this search would be the aspect that it can only accommodate that is available on Facebook but cannot pull data from Twitter, and other social networks. What Facebook does promise that this search would truly be intense. Users would now be able to pull up any data that they or there friends must have uploaded on Facebook, EVER! This could be embarrassing pictures from a particular party or something which you once shared on the website and truly repented it. Zuckerberg also explained that the Graph Search will be "Privacy Aware." So all content that has been shared with a user, only that content will be available on the search. So it there is something that one wants to hide from the Graph Search, simply hide it, or delete it from your timeline.

Facebook considers this as one of the most important updates to the Social Networking giant this year. It is truly worth being excited about and awaiting in the near future.
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