3 Simple Steps To Optimize Your Site For Search Engines

Optimizing your site for search engines is a long, tedious, and continuous process. You should study your visitors behavior using tools such as Google’s Analytics to better understand what you need to do to improve their experience while they are in your site.

According to Google, the four most important for SEO are:

  • Links
  • Design
  • Content and
  • Site structure


Consistently monitor the quality of backlinks you receive on your site. Backlinks from relevant sites in your same niche will greatly benefit your site compared to non-relevant backlinks from other sites. You also have to pay close attention to outbound links. Link to sites, which you think is relevant to your content and is useful for your visitors. Do not participate in any scheme to garner backlinks. Do not buy or sell links to get higher position in PageRank.

Design and site structure:

When you design your site, you have to keep your potential visitors in mind. Keep you site structure and pages as clean and uncluttered as possible to attract more visitors and backlinks.

Create a clean page and relevant backlinks to your internal pages. To learn more about the keywords on your site and backlinks, consider using Google’s Webmaster tools. Create a sitemap and submit it to Google. The <title> for the site of the page is very useful for the ranking of keywords or key phrases. Describe your images using the ALT attribute.


Add content regularly to your site. This will help attract a larger number of backlinks and visitors. Search engine crawlers are very smart, only produce original content because copying content from other sites will not help when it comes to making your site and your pages rank in search engines. UPDATE YOUR SITE FREQUENTLY!

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