Modern Reader For Windows 8

Windows 8 will be the first version of Windows to features its own PDF reader software, rumored to be called ‘Modern Reader’.

This Windows 8 native app will utilize the new AppX application package type. The interface will be clean and simple. Modern Reader will be a great alternative to Adobe Reader program, which looks out of place in a Windows operating system.

The native Windows 8 reader is simple enough. It will have full zoom in and out capability, and there’s a page scrubber to boot for easy document navigation.

Modern Reader For Windows 8: Scrubber

If you jump to a document page using scrubber, a Back button will automatically appear in the upper left corner so you can go back to your previous position. It will also support side-by-side page view, a great feature when you are using a tablet.

Modern Reader For Windows 8: Side-By-Side

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